Overview (Music Channel Love 94)

 Born in Miami in 1976 at 93.9 FM, Love 94 was one of the 1st  stations in the country to play the Contemporary Jazz format

 full time which eventually became known as Smooth Jazz.

 Today Love 94 has evolved with the times and is now a digital  streaming broadcast station.

 Love 94 is an independent station however we are also heard on the  iTunes Radio Network and many other music channel platforms. 

 We program Love 94 to be a Groove. 
 A Groove that everyone can enjoy. 

 South Florida is our home and we are very much involved with our  community with events, festivals, causes.

 We are thankful for all of our loyal South Florida listeners who  continue to follow us through the years and are grateful for all of our  new loyal listeners in other areas of Florida, other Cities across  the United States and other countries around the world.    


Smooth Jazz, Nu-Jazz,  Pop, Contemporary  

Love 94 

Music Channel Love 94

 Love 94 Is Music Royalty Compliant Authorized To Provide/Perform Music To The Public. 
The Name Love 94 Is A U.S. Registered Trademark. Use Of The Name Love 94 Without Our Permission Is Strictly Prohibited.

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